10 Habits Of A Highly Successful Lash Business

10 Habits Of A Highly Successful Lash Business

When I started lashing back in 2015, I had no idea I would have made it this far.  

Honestly the only vision I had at the moment, was to quit my job as correctional officer, and make a little more money, and work for myself!


It’s crazy how looking back on it I realize, how small and limited my thinking was! The things I’ve accomplished a long the way, were no where near my imagination, let alone, teaching lashes to others, to help them open a lash business and be successful.


Quitting my job was the scariest thing I’ve ever done back then, and I never realized how much that decision would change my life in every aspect for greater, I am now, more bold and confident within myself, and my decision making, a better mother, teacher, and friend. While I still have fears from time to time, I’ve learnt that fears are only illusions, and while things don’t always work out as planned, there is always a lesson to learn, and something better around the corner.


Here Are My Top 10 Habits That Have Helped Me Maintain My Success


#1— DECIDE. Make a decision, that you will COMMIT to yourself, your dream, and vision. People will see the energy you put in yourself and reflect it back to you.


#2-COMMIT. After you decide on the pathway for your lash business, commit to to it no matter what, HAPPENS!


#4-DON”T GIVE UP. When starting a business you are now entering uncharted territory, it will not always go as planned., there will be lessons ( ‘aka’ setbacks) don’t let them stop you, learn from and allow them to push you forward.


#4-MINDSET. If you don’t have a mindset to to “WIN”, making the decision and committing to it will be hard AF! I encourage you to read as many self development books as you can, listen to podcast, and surround yourself with as many people executing your beliefs, our beliefs systems are conditioned from our youth, which brings me to #5……….


#5-HEAL. Your S#!&! -Your past, obstacles or trauma, must be healed first or during the mindset shift. If left unhealed, your negative subconscious beliefs will always show up and tell you why you can’t win or be successful. Once healed STEPS #1-4, will be easy 


#6-MASTER your craft. Practice, Practice, Practice. YOU SHOULD BE spending time every single day mastering your skill, since we’re speaking about eyelash extensions, find a model to practice on everyday, and if you can’t find a model, use your mannequin. Study and train, there are so many resources online and in person. Click here for my beginners course —> https://learnwitheugina.thinkific.com


#7-CONSISTENCY. Show up every day lash business, whether it  be social media content, hands on practice, engaging with clients, become obsessed with your business and everything that comes with it.


#8-NETWORK. Engage and build connections with other business owners. Especially those outside of the lash/beauty industry. Making outside connections has given me opportunities outside of gaining clients. Always remember relationships can open doors that money can’t there is power in having a strong network.


#9-CUT COMPARISON. It is a killer of many businesses, there are lash artists on every corner. DO NOT and mean DO NOT, get caught up in comparing or competing with any artist, if you can’t be inspired UNFOLLOW, their business is not yours, so I suggest you mind the business that’s pays you.


#10-KNOW YOUR WORTH. #9 is very important, you must know the value you bring to the table in the lash industry, when you don’t know your worth you end will charging less, which will always leave you under worked and under paid.


Aside from the the those 10, let me add a bonus


#11 MENTAL BALANCE. Yoga, Journaling, Meditation, and the Gym. Are great early morning practices that I’ve found keep mentally balanced and afloat before I begin my work day, I encourage you to pick up at least one these practices, to help you get in the flow of things and be ready execute your day easy and proficiently 


Love & Light