Ready to start a new chapter in your career but not sure where to start or is "LASHING REALLY FOR YOU?"

Did you know that in 2020 during my mandated COVID-19 Spring Break at home, I decided to launch an online training course!

Yes, while everyone was fighting over toilet paper, I was writing a training manual , and recording an entire training class on the  “Art of Classic Lashes” in the comfort of my home, in my dining area to be exact. 

In the midst of the “NEW NORM”, I still wanted to HELP so many others take that leap, even in a pandemic...CRAZY I Know!!!!

What’s even crazier is with the re-launch of our in-person training at the Eugina Lewis Lash Academy I reduced my online training from $297 to $99

Yep, I made it even easier to take the first step to get you started just $99

This course was designed for so many reasons….

➗No.1 For those who realized they needed a new change

➗No.2 For those curious about the lash industry but simply was unsure, if it’s worth the investment for beauty school.

➗No.3 For those who’ve already trained but just need a simple refresher.

➗No.4 For those who can’t afford for my 3-Day lash training.

And top it off when you complete our online program you can join our on-going student support group here on Facebook!

Here’s a peek at what you’ll discover inside…

✨ My easy-to-follow lash application procedure that makes discovering lash artistry fun and rewarding 

✨ My little-known client retention secrets such as adhesive amounts, lash placement, and curl types

✨ Simple customer service strategies that help build rapport and help maintain your clients as you build your lash business 

Even better, here’s the the best part!

In the unlikely event that a lash career is not for you, you’ve gained a sought-after skill you can have just in case you may need it in the future. 

Click the link in below to discover why this low-cost program could be the best career investment you ever make.